December 13, 2010


Here's some cute stuff. Neon blue mocs. Kind of expensive for what are essentially booties. But maybe you are someone who likes your booties new and bright and tribal, and money is something you roll in. Also, I know it looks like an overstyled catalog, or perhaps like a a rainbow Etsy-splosion, BUT! the inspirational cottagey bedroom of these Danish daughters (at least I think that is the deal) is kind of my future dream in a photo spread. I want to make those built in bunk-beds and also more children to occupy them. And also have the time to put vintage 70's euro-bright wallpaper into shelving nooks. And here is the rest of the cottage that is not the children's room or adorable reading zone. I like to look at decorating/house tour blogs and dream of what our future home will look like, but it's hard to find ones that aren't a. totally Selby'd out--you know, the animal bone ephemera, mid century leather couches, coffee tables with neat piles of $200 art books. b. fancy childless Manhattan condos with long curtains. There is apartment therapy but there is a lot of Ikea going on there. I mostly just want to totally gonzo shit that is old and wooden and you can see evidence of handicraft and resourcefulness and also evidence of the children that live there. Magic houses that I want to imagine living in, not a modernist museum or ode to animal skulls.

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