November 24, 2010


Tavia Nyong'o gets meta on TSA policy, Kanye, Bush, and so much more: "If Kanye’s frenetic lyrical, self-promotional, and all caps textual production could be reduced to a single question it would be that of the hysteric’s: why am I who you say I am? This question has undeniable traction in the current moment, not the least because it anticipates and, as it were, folds into itself, the predicted objection. There is he toasting himself as a douchebag, asshole, and scum bag, before we get to it. But lets notice the last proviso: he is also a “jerk off” who never takes work off, that is to say, who has internalized the obscene imperatives of capitalism to labor, accumulate and expend endlessly." Really salient, and also really the only thing I want to read about Kanye, who I haven't found to be compelling as a pop figure in a few years.

I had to cover two of his concerts in one day last winter and it fried me on him entirely, especially after his advice to the children in attendance was something like "do you homework, do you" and that his life motto is "I go hard". ZZZZZZZZ. Nevertheless, Sean Fennessy's recap of Kanye's show last night was something I enjoyed reading, especially since it lead me to the show-ending rant that includes a a real "cast no stones" defense of George Bush hammers home Tavia's point about the symmetries between Bush and Kanye, though I think it extends beyond the conservatism/capitalism points. Nothing Kanye does makes me want to care about him, I don't feel like there is anything gratifying in it. Something too easy about a talented asshole screaming LOOK AT ME. Hysterics discourse, indeed!

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