November 22, 2010


Matt and I are wondering, what artist lives here? Anyone know? It's kind of a dream home, but perhaps more for my pre-momhood rich arteest fantasy life. Cos 2 bedrooms and an airplane hanger sized room for fashioning my art will not cut it for our future family-of-7 needs. That studio must be a bitch to heat at like, 2,500 sq ft. And to be honest, THIS IS MY DREAM HOUSE, with its blue kitchen and silver wallpaper. I would like to buy this right now and keep about 60% of that furniture, esp the circular bed (you'd have to make special sheets) and the swan planter and dining room everything. I also would like that house because you could have four kids and still have an office. Or a sewing room. Where you make circular bedding. This is like, unreal cheap--the price of a New York apartment. Please, someone buy this for me. Perhaps I should just kickstarter a downpayment and the donation-payback would be that you could come party in the basement, because imagine how bizerk it probably is. LIKE BRASS ACCENTS EVERYWHERE AND VERY SHAGGY AND PLUSH. Oh my god, I bet there is a conversation pit. There has to be!

MEANWHILE, back in reality-town:
I wrote an essay about the morality of Springsteen's Darkness on The Edge of Town. The last line got edited funny and so it reads like I am now comparing Springsteen himself to the founding spiritual covenant of America (see John Winthrop), but I was actually saying that about the arc of Darkness, that the album is a mirror, of a lofty spiritual ideal--about striving and falling short of that, much like our country, historically and now. THE BOSS IS NO FAILURE. Also, I know the boxset is a pricey thing at $100 retail but holy smokes the DVDs are bonkers. I mean, aside from all the bits of him shirtless and demo-ing Darkness tracks with E Street Band, which if you are interested in that sort of thing (had no idea I was until I saw it, and now I am just like, someone's mom cooing over how handsome young Bruce Springsteen with his messy hair is) is worth at least $20 of those bucks. Also, the vintage concert footage is chills all the way through. NO one worked that hard for rock n' roll. Kind of unreal. Also, I was thinking yesterday, whomever assigned the band nicknames was incredibly unoriginal--"Big Man" and "Little Steven" and "The Boss"? And according to the German fan site I googled, Nils Lofgren goes by "Lefty". C'mon!? NO IMAGINATION.

AND ALSO: My interview with Luke and Sara of Lucky Dragons in the Chicago Reader.
I did not see them last night, but I saw two songs of No Age's soundcheck and it was, like, Minneapolis in the nineties LOUD. Bands born at the Smell are perma-shaped by playing such a uh, punk sounding long, cement room. And then they leave the Smell and go on tour but still play every room like it's the Smell. How was the show? Did you go? I bet you did.

AND NOW: It is raining. Rain with thunder, thunder which if you are in Canada is called "TUN-DURR"
AND NOW: Still haven't planted my garlics yet. Or covered my raised beds. It was almost sixty yesterday. GLOBAL WARMING IS SO CREEPY. It's Thanksgiving, where is the snow already?
AND NOW: Little hands, still asleep, poking up from the mini crib towards the sky.

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