November 18, 2010


On twitter, I asked for local craftspeople to send me links to their etsy page or whathaveyou for the gift guide I am doing for the Reader and amidst the many cute-owl-items I was forwarded links to were of course like 18 note card stores. I cannot wait to be pregnant again just so I can send out these weirdly creepy and badmazing cards of someone crochet a fetus. I am not sure whether it would be better to be the sender or recipient of one of those. Who would you send one of those cards, a $4 a pop, to? Someone who wasn't close to you, or related to you and someone who doesn't just see you around a notice you are visibly pregnant--so who does that leave? Just people who you are distantly related to or people you only sort of know. Oh, to have the occasion to send that creepy card!

Someone should be making an IMMA TEXT U A BABY cards. The crafting world palette is so limited. Earrings and giant cowls and upcycled totes and tape wallets. Meanwhile, someone else is making a felt mini chainsaw and a woolen banjo to scale because they can.


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