November 16, 2010


The new episode of the podcast, #19, is real fine. It's a full near-hour with forgetters, the new ex-jawbreaker/bitchin'/against me band. Totally ruling. Putting the politics back in your punk and also a Human League cover which cannot really be beat.

The other night, I dreamt I was walking into an empty football field, looking for John Baldessari. I had thrifted a giant nightshirt, the kind that reads "THIS IS MY GIANT NIGHTSHIRT" and I wanted to show it to him because it was like his art, and I thought it would crack him up. I wonder if it really would.

Here is an old essay on Springsteen's rock n' roll covenant. Some parts are real interesting, some are dated, but I have been writing about Springsteen and thinking about the idea of consequences in music, the moral aspect--and when it disappears. Or rather when someone steps to the other side of it. And whether Tyler the Creator is underground rap finally getting its own GG Allin.

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