November 12, 2010


Everyone is asleep. The dad one and the little one that chuckles in his sleep. But not me. I am WORKING. Writing! About the boundaries of morality in popular music. About how rocks sing in Lucky Dragons. About the life and death of Riot Girl for a general interest newspaper. About Ariel Pink being weird, but I still have to talk to him to confirm it. I have/had seven deadlines this week, three have been met. I gotta make the donuts, for I am a provider now.

Recently purchased a handheld vacuum, 5 different organic teethers that are all too big to be hand held in the hands for which they are intended, a handheld blender, a 95$ purple wool couch size large, 2 lacey but not grandma-y curtains, a handheld book and two velvet embroidered pillows, one reading "Marilyn", both have silken fringes and also can be handheld but that seems really not the best use for pillows, holding them.

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