November 10, 2010


8PM CST Weds 11/10: a Hit it or Quit it podcast "special" airs on (89.5 in Chi): an hour w/ Blake Schwarzenbach's new(ish) band Forgetters--live sesh & interview we did at WBEZ last month. It's my first attempt at being a real radio hostess, s'real serious like. We talked about the war a lot. From what I remember. It's kind of like HIOQI done in the manner of Fresh Air. Like a cover band, but radio show style. A shortened version will be avail this week on the podcast proper, with homeboy Greil Marcus as well.

My editor Whet takes on Jim DeRogatis and other critics who think blogs/Twitter/etc. are useless. I automatically take issue with anything that celebrates Kerouac, esp. On The Road, which is a book where no women speak.

Judy Norsigan, who co-authored the landmark feminist book Our Bodies, Ourselves speaks Friday at the Chicago Humanities Festival.

The Paris Review interview with Michel Houellebecq is amazing, for his is full of existential Frenchy ridicoulissness, which I just eat up, mind you. "I hadnít seen any novel make the statement that entering the workforce was like entering the grave. That from then on, nothing happens and you have to pretend to be interested in your work. And, furthermore, that some people have a sex life and others donít just because some are more attractive than others. I wanted to acknowledge that if people donít have a sex life, itís not for some moral reason, itís just because theyíre ugly. Once youíve said it, it sounds obvious, but I wanted to say it." What a punk!

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