November 04, 2010


I have mixed feelings about Judd Apatow's work but I always like to read about a writers influences and process(es) and so I enjoyed this interview with him about his fave books. I found it via Sean Fennsessy's blog/tumble thing, Split Infinitives, which I have unmixed and singularly positive feelings about.

This Kate Wadkins pc about other "queering catergories" also has link to a bunch of interesting ideas and riot grrrl related projects and a review of a paper Mimi Nguyen presented, for you punk feminists, you.

Also: My Favorite Dirt Roads 1969 is something I would like to see in person. Both the roads and the photos. I wish I lived somewhere with a dirt road nearby. There is one and I cannot remember who was riding in the car with me when we discovered it--but there is a dirt road behind the post office on Western, like Western and Harrison?--it seemed to be an improvised exit from a poorly located cul de sac. Or maybe it had been in use for a long time and never paved. One end of it seemed "legit" as in roadlike, and the other end I vaguely remember driving over a curb and sidewalk. One day, when Matt and I get it together to make our zine/book/website "Janky Chicago" (DON'T STEAL OUR IDEA!) I will find a way to take it's picture. I feel like any picture of Chicago these days is a potential entry in Janky Chicago. Everything here is dirty and listing sideways. Structures, people. Chicago needs a collective upgrade. Psychically, and physically. Maybe Daley leaving will be like an exorcism? You know what is sad about Illinoisans is that Scott Lee Cohen who is a creep and whose ex-wife accused him of attempting to rape her got more votes than the Green Party. Maybe creepy dudes who enjoy massage parlors voted for him because they could identify and just wanted their guy in office.

Meanwhile: Smith Westerns complain nothing is happening in Chicago; their moms complain they spend too much time in the house. I love a teenage band really living up to the brat cliche, though it seems that the writer perhaps needled them into it. You can hear their eyes rolling in every quote. I kept expecting a graf to start "My stepmom is a total bitch, you know?" but it never materialized.

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