November 03, 2010


Katie Stelmanis and band has redid herself with a new name and more electro sound as Austra. Here's the first single off the 12". Less Kate Bush, more feelings disco.

New Erase Errata single out today, first new thing since 2006. You can hear one of the tracks here.

While you may be in an emotional hole after reading quotes from Rand Paul about how there is no rich or poor people in America or Michelle Bachmann, who I think must secretly be a Scientologist because her fantasy bubble of bullshit is so vast and defies reason--and it sucks when they are so idiotic and so impossible to ignore. BUT! At least Andrew Jackson is no longer president. I have decided that he is tied with Bush II as my least favorite president. Displacing Reagan, only b/c Reagan didn't have an ethnic cleansing policy on native peoples. I know directing my political hatred back to 1829 isn't very useful. I am not sure what else to do.

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