October 28, 2010


My interview with/mini essay on Girl Talk in this week's Nashville Scene.

Last weekend saw the busting of as many as three Chicago seemingly legit music venues--bars that regularly host pretty underground shows. This week Time Out Chicago offered up one of the cities most vital residential warehouse show spaces for the busting, and then blamed the 'venue' when everyone in the scene got mad. Really, Time Out, you think your readers are genuinely interested in going to noise shows in someone's house in a sketchy neighborhood? Or did you just fully turn out a scene you aren't part of (or connected to in any way) in order to seem credible? There is a reason that blogs and other publications in town don't ever run the address when they write about places like that.

Here is a review of some of my favorite-r releases from the last 3 months in this weeks Reader: Shirley Collins, Oneohtrix Point Never single, Ben Rayner and the Pricks cassette and the Residual Echoes latest jamz. Heavy on the M in jamz.

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