October 24, 2010


Liz Colville, cool lady of within the internet, is editor of the new Awl-for-the-gals site, Hairpin, where I just read this bizarre idea (nee LIE) from Cosmo about how to manipulate a mans perception of you by leaving things at his casa: "A toothbush:it's symbolic that your relationship is moving along". Really? I would assume that if you leave a toothbrush at a dudes house it's a sign that you value oral health. It's a very good sign you are a functional adult, and that you brush your teeth everyday. ALSO: What sort of imaginings would be sparked by leaving blush out on the counter? Like wondering how pale you are without it? Juggalo fantasies? The big fantasy is that your average dude is going to allot some brain space to YOUR BLUSH.

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