September 29, 2010


Hit it or Quit it podcast turns sweet 16. Bad Brains trivia call in! Zola Jesus explains her move to LA, debunks her gothness. We review the new No Age and Abe Vigoda and Residual Echoes albums and then JR decides he wants to discuss his decades long hatred for Jared Leto.

Riff City on the Dipset reunion: "I moved to New York in 2004, right around when Cam’Ron’s Purple Haze came out. You either thought this album was a joke or a game-changer, and for better or worse, my first friends in the city were people who thought the latter. An entire social life was built out of visiting downtown “mix huts,” collecting Diplomat mixtapes like they were Pokemon, hoping for a new Cam couplet as you fought your way through eighty minutes of poorly mixed audio, radio interview snippets, and the hack emcees Cam kept in the wings: J.R. Writer, Hell Rell, Juelz Santana, Max B, 40 Cal, Un Kasa, et al. (Patience like this reached its zenith as we all sat through the “movie” Killa Season in its entirety.)"

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