September 28, 2010


I wrote about Earth 2 for the new Mixtured mix about songs that would have cleared the floor at your prom. Scroll down. Scroll way down.

So, when this thing happened a few days ago, Matt, who is one of the thousand law students who gets the whole school emails, read this too me late the other night when we were awake amidst a diaper change. And now it's being reported--the headline says it all: "Northwestern Law Student Emails Hand Job Offer To Entire Law School". Gotta watch the reply-all function, people.

And finally, the Tiny Lucky Mailbag got this priceless letter from an old Minnesotan pal, regarding Art Garfunkel's post acting days:

"when i worked at the rochester MN barnes and noble, art garfunkel came in every day because he was getting some treatment at the mayo clinic.he spent months there and stayed in the kahler hotel, which was connected by skywalk to our store.he would walk over in his bathrobe, move the big chairs and do yoga in the the store. he also would take books outside in the plaza without paying for them, mostly herzog by saul bellow.
on occasion he would sneak up behind me when i was shelving and whisper things in my ear, such as "this reading nook isn't so reading friendly today". he always looked like hell, in sweatpants and knit caps. the treatment he was getting made his body emit a horrible smell so customers avoided him.i did feel sorry for him sometimes, but then he would pull an attitude in the cafe and hit on the young women who made his coffee. one of his lines was always "wanna come party with me and smoke some weed?".
i was playing an acoustic show at this particular store and i invited him to come. i said "You should come" and handed him a flyer. he then said "what is it you do?" i replied "i'm a singer/songwriter" then he said "that used to be my old gig." this was in the late 90's, when the paul simon hurricane cd came out and we had a display of it, i felt like we should hide it from art.
after i stopped working there, i heard stories about how he started to bring his son along, who was a miniature art with the hair and everything. he was still a jerk. bobby mcferrin was nicer."

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