September 19, 2010


I appreciate what Colin Greenwood of the Radiohead band is saying here--basically, what is the new model of the new model--or the perfected model of the new model for downloadable, progressive idea, consumer-friendly and band-beneficial album releases. The question in some ways is "Is it possible for everyone to win?" Though other parts of the essay, like about iTunes not being sexy enough for his taste might as well read "and this porridge is too hot, and this porridge is too cold." It's a real Goldilocks style problem Radiohead has on their hands. I mean, it's a problem effecting bands all the way down the chain--Ted Leo in particular has touched on some of these things recently, though in a more sort of punk rock parallel universe where it's more about how do you have a career that sustains more than your spirit etc. Coming from the--what, 2nd biggest band in the world?--it's kind of like, pool your money and find a magic solution--because thats what fame and coolness and million dollar guarantees afford you. Magic solutions.

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