September 16, 2010


Cali did a totally bitchin' mix on Dublab, it's got a lot of of his own releases on there, which is sweet if you have not kept up on your mailordering. You can sample the hot tracks, the punk wares on offer in this shimmering download or stream.

There is a lot and almost nothing to tell you. I could regale you with tales of the perfection of my 13 pound son, but his life is his own private thing. I dunno if this blog or record of it will exist when he is 8 or 15 or 33 but maybe future William would be bummed on me offering up his biography by way of mine. I can speak the magic of momdom--which, really is magic in the unexplainable, miraculous and fascinating sense. It is also the great feminist awakening of my adult life--you feel tethered to all growing and living things, everyone I see I think "that was someone's baby" and suddenly feel gentle towards them, I think a lot, especially at night when we are up late nursing, about all the other moms, of every condition and how they are doing the same thing. And the moms who do not have a partner like Matt who is a natural and enthusiastic dad, who will cheerfully change his diaper in the middle of the night and sing him really great songs like this one:

Motherhood makes for a real bell hooksian lovesplosion. It also makes it so I cannot watch violent movies, am nervous about cars and any dog that comes in a size bigger than a small, am concerned by rough content in songs--in a different way than I have always been concerned about rough content. It really brings out your inner C. Delores Tucker*.

(also, just going by this breeze-though-her-life that is C.D.T.'s wiki, she's a Real Feminist Badass. Also also, imagine being like 70-odd years old, having worked for civil rights and womens rights your whole adult life and for your crusading against misogynistic rap Eminem calls you a slut in a song. Kind of mortifying to have your point proven so heinously in your retirement years.)

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