September 09, 2010


"Nothing says 80s like a lush, glossy, gauchely homoerotic ZZ Top power ballad"...Rob Sheffield's nice writing and playlist in the New York Times. RS has a new book out, about Duran Duran fandom and his sisters. I have not read it but I liked that last one.

Celebrate Daley's departure with renewed civic pride--handmade Chicago ceramics.

Old friend Josh Hooten, who you may remember as the guy who made early Punk Planet look awesome and read funny, is doing a good deed that vegans, animal lovers, bike nerds and PP fans should take note of: an epic bike ride to raise money for sanctuary farms. Toss him a few bucks and help out these places that are a safe home to all manner of abused and rescued animals.

In case you have been missing the venerable Jane Dark bloggings of ol' Joshua Clover (I have!), he's penning for The Nation, including this about the way in which the financial crisis and capitalism is being written about. Brainburners, per usj.

Also, The Needle Shop inventory makes me wish I had like 18 more windows that needed curtains made for them. And a believable excuse to spend 10 bucks a yard on cool Japanese fabrics. The Needle Shop is not too far from our house and I will not go there for fear of spending money and buying like 18 yards of that fabric with the cameras or the elephants one and attempting to staple it to my couch in a fit of misguided estimation of my skills (such is my lifestyle).

Those are the little things I have to point you to for inspiration today.

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