August 31, 2010


Watched the Daniel Ellsberg documentary and The Life and Times of Harvey Milk documentary in the last few days and I have to wonder, when will America ever riot again? The last riots we could think of were Battle of Seattle and when those people ripped out the seats of that stadium when Guns N Roses didn't play. I am thinking more rioting by those who are not already predisposed to rioting; i.e. not anarchists, just regular outraged people furious enough to set a cop car aflame. And not just an unruly protest, though what do people protest about anymore, really, other than, periodically, the war/s?

Meanwhile, people, friends, readers--please tell me what is good? Being the fulltime keeper of a newborn, you need to be briefed, because there are certain things that just get lost in the shuffle, like the entire outside world. It's not so bad at all.

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