August 27, 2010


Killer curated Power Pop mixtape with selections from some sources I have long trusted.

I did a blind jukebox with Sea n' Cake bro Sam Prekop and it was pretty fun stuff. I stumped him a few times, including on one of his own songs. His new record is some out business, drones and synths and space and no singing--nothing to it that ties into the rest of his work. Maybe you will like it? I do.

New news in Gossip Wolf this week: Geoff Farina has moved to Chicago, Gemstones goes from being the cities next hip hop promise to being a messenger of Christ, the scoop on the drummer from Sybris' foot surgery and remembering Natalie Cox.

Everynight this week, we've been streaming via the iTunes radio, which caught my eye with it's "French songs since 1890 of the dead artists" tagline. It's all the pitch perfect Franco-cuteness you want (vintage Joe Dassin, or Les Trois Menestrals doing "Davy Crockett" en francais) and all the INSANATORY 80'S SCHMATLZ THAT SOUNDS LIKE DIRE STRAIGHTS COVERING NEIL DIAMOND WITH A MUPPET SEXY WHISPERING AND TONS OF MIDI SAX IN THE BRIDGE. Thats the magic of French pop--40 years of being sexy and fun and fun and making you feel sophisticated for listening and then like, a solid two decades of Hell's piano bar. You get both speeds and it's pretty great. It makes dinners feel fancy.

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