August 12, 2010


"This is why I never read my comment threads at Rolling Stone and MSN. You want me to notice what you say, spend 44 cents. Snail-mail my gastropod. Still, the aggressive stupidity of these two comments exemplifies why I have a hard time getting misty-eyed about the inherent democracy of the online world. We know there are people with these prejudices reading us. We also know we're making sense in clear and grammatical English, so fuck them." Amen, Christgau, amen.

I'm not positive we're making sense, but Hit it or Quit it Podcast is now up in the iTunes, courtesy of our new public radio step-parent WBEZ, so you can have it delivered into your computer hole whenever we make new ones. I suggest you subscribe. You can download all the old shows and listen to them away from the computer. You can also rate it with stars. I gave it five.

After two weeks off, I am back doing Gossip Wolf again. The funny thing is I didn't actually stop working. Being American and freelance, there is not really such a thing as maternity leave; "maternity leave" means I just type slowly with one hand while nursing the baby. It works out fine, I am lucky I can do both and to have work that pays me. This depressing chart of how maternity leave works in Europe/the rest of the world shows that America is the only country where maternity leave is conditional and unpaid. And a ruling today in MA says women taking more than 2 months off can be fired. I think some people are right when they say that this is one of feminism's failings, that women were so focused on equality and not being anyone's special exception, no real focus on maternal rights--which was a focus of the European feminist platform. American feminism fucked up on that one.

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