July 31, 2010


Cap'n Jazz 4-never:Here's my interview with Timmy Kinsella about the Cap'n Jazz reunion and being popular for the first time in his career.

Lucky Dragons soundcloud pagelet.

"UNKNOWN MEAT IN A BOTTLE". I had to google some of this stuff, the Oxalis is a New Zealand Yam. Also, why is someone trying to get that much pigeon medicine, or dead rodentia on a plane? Who BYO's a hunk of lard on their plane trip?

And, lastly but not leastly, our little son finally came home from the hospital this week, with a clean bill of health.
Parenthood! It's like that scene in Louis Malle's '68 doc of the Tour De France where during the long uphills in the Alps (or wherever) rotund little Frenchmen, not quite old men, race up alongside the bikers and run with all their might to help push their favorite riders, to help throw them a little further, faster. Sometimes I am the guy on the bike, and sometimes Matt is the guy on the bike and then some nights we are both the fat little Frenchmen ecstatic and pushing.

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