July 13, 2010


We are tasking our baby tasks. We washed all his little clothes. Matt and I put on his hooded baby towels while we folded, Matt got the one that looked like a klan robe, I got the one with the duckhead/bill. We had a hard time figuring out the proper way to fold the little SwaddleMe™ we'd been given. It has curious, small opening in the back around butt area. We are amateurs so we are guessing its so you can check if they need to be changed. My second guess is that it is to strap them into a car seat through there. I suppose we will find out soon enough, when we try to put a seatbelt through/under a shitty diaper. Maybe it is for putting coins in. Maybe the SwaddleMe™ is like a cotton piggy bank for newborns to wear.

We took the brightest animal paintings and art we had and put it in his room. Including the tin Nashville Music City commemorative plate, a couple of Joan's paintings of sharks and suchand the Corita I Love You print. I wonder what these will do for him. I had a poster for a gallery show, in my room, maybe from age four to six, of these animals standing on each others backs. It was a painting and it's the reason that pretty most every painting I ever made is stacked up animals, or stuff on top of pigs or dogs. I wonder if our kiddo will make art. If he will draw jubillitated cowboys and horses with windy hair because that's just what we thought would be cute in his room.

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