June 24, 2010


I went and did the last bit of new planting in the garden before the tornado the other day. I planted beans near the tomatoes and realized that I got it backwards, NOT TO PLANT THEM THERE and had to dig them up. I gardened for three hours, which is a long time to do anything these days other than sleep, trying to get it ready as I can, so it can go for a bit, you know, like, in case. Nesting instinct is happening, but for some reason it's focused on our plants and future food, not the nursery or bathroom like its supposed to be. I do not have the special bag packed for the hospital, but of course, my pepper plants are weeded and the new lettuce thinned.

The baby dropped in position 6 days ago, and the book says that means 2-4 weeks until he will be here, which is earlier than his street date. I am merely a slow, movable house for this guy now. In the books and in our class they keep saying labor is like running a marathon, that we should expect 24-40 hours for your first baby if yr trying for natural birth. I have never been so tired or sore in my life, I do not know where the energy for that marathon will come from other than I really would like to get him out safe and healthy so he can meet me and his dad.

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