June 19, 2010


Monkee is sad she can't go outside and eat birds and fight dogs she sees. She used to be an outdoor cat and just cries at the screen for her old life.
I put a chair by the back window so Wyatt can sit there and watch squirrels properly.
We fashioned a little leash and took Monk on the porch and she loved it, she rolled and rolled, so happy.
Wyatt watched from inside trying to figure out wtf was happening. This is the first time I have ever seen him furrow his brow.
So when Monkee's turn was over, we tried to bring him out. He has only been outside properly twice. He was having none of it. He tried to jump back inside the house through the window, via Matt's head.
Aside from the experiments in cat leashing, we have been getting ready for our son to arrive. We have to move everything around, find new homes for our bullshit items, make room for 170 count boxes of newborn size diapers.
Supposedly he will be here in six weeks, but it could be anytime.

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