June 18, 2010


Chicago poet Michael Robbins music crit is as sharp as anything--here's his opening salvo on Gaslight Anthem in this weeks Voice" "Give me fresh corn!" Walt Whitman wrote, and Bruce Springsteen obliged, offering redemption beneath a dirty Camaro hood. A dozen or so of his own records (plus three from the Hold Steady) later, four guys from Jersey upped the corn quotient considerably, first by calling their band the Gaslight Anthem, then by releasing albums with lyrics like, "I sat by my bedside with papers and poetry about Estella" (yes, the Dickens character). But corn works in American romanticism, where it's as ubiquitous as it is in the supermarket: Tramps like Jack Kerouac are cornier than Green Acres, but boys and girls in America like tramps, and vice versa."

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