June 15, 2010


Dennis Lim's essay on Jarmusch's Mystery Train and it's humanism; Criterion reissued the film today. Even though Mystery Train wasn't mine, or of my generation when I first saw it in 10th or 11th grade, Jarmusch's pacing--that sweet drag--matched the nothingness, the constant boredom and seeking that is maximum teen ennui. Teennui.

I proposed this idea to Matt yesterday, that we start a short lived mid-80's political hardcore band called Reganomics, to pass the time before the baby gets here. He vetoed it and added that Reaganomics is a terrible name for a band. I think now is the time, esp. since everyone keeps telling us to get out and do stuff while we can. I think people mean things like "go to the movies" or "sleep through the night", but I think if we only have six more weekends--if the baby dude arrives on schedule--there is no reason we can't start a band and write a few songs about policy, the oilspill and maybe one about Petreaus passing out during the senate hearings in that time. Maybe Reaganomics is too old fashioned a name? Whats the modern equiv--Obamacare? Or what about Paganomics-- that could be a trickle-down witch effects/ halloween theme band?

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