June 15, 2010


I should of maybe made it more clear, but I really think that "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" is good, if not kind of great. Unironically. Also, upon researching him a little RUPERT HOLMES CAREER IS MILDLY FASCINATING though it's kind of comical that anyone compared him to Bob Dylan in any way; other than them both being white men who make records I don't see much connection, but, alas the 70s were a heady time where pop was weird, cocaine was at it's recreational nadir and free love's aftermath meant no one questioned adult men stepping out with 13 or 14 year old girls as their disco date. Being a creep was edgy!

Anyhow, Rupert Holmes also played the piano on "Timothy" the only charting pop song about cannibalism. He also produced Sparks Big Beat and The Jets (Minnesota represent!) covered his song "You've Got It All Over Him"--later covered by Britney Spears on OOPS. He also won a couple Tonys and then penned a book with a confusing sounding plot that begins with a 39-hour polio telethon and ends in graphic lesbian sex that went on to join, naturally, the canon of creepy (read: "sexy") Atom Egoyan-directed films. (The only Atom Egoyan film that is not bad pay cable art-porn with a naked teenage girl lust object at it's center is The Sweet Hereafter which, despite it's Cannes win and all, is just a moderately shitty moral tale about molestation and children dying in a bus accident.) I wonder if real porn directors look at Atom Egoyan and laugh, for wasting money on fancying up his plots with like, dialogue and actor-actors.

Also! Rupert Holmes sang on the The Raccoons album which I have not heard, but judging by it's Wiki page, seems like dogfood grade Chipmunks update with


Thats what happens when you grown up Canadian! You get a bootleg version of the Chipmunks fronted by Hell's on-staff songman and Rita Coolidge.

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