June 02, 2010


Hit it or Quit it podcast #7, bang--just like that. If you look on the page you will now find a downloadable link for every episode. This last week is pretty silly. Matmos talk about Pink Floyd's quadrophonic joystick, Christopher Weingarten talks about his 33.3 book about Public Enemy, we talk about street fairs and cheese curds and Nelly's perfume. JR wishes for Sam Prekop to make a Testament style record and that is mostly it. In about... a month or six weeks, you will be able to subscribe and iTunes our little podcast.

Just found out about this band this morning. Dang.

I was looking at a blog of a cool New York girl the other night, a little younger, a writer, a gal on the scene, and every post was about the eighties--the eighties as they exist in rote YouTube nostalgia; an eighties built of pastels and hair metal and MTV. In one picture she was wearing a Garfield half shirt to work. A grim mish-mash of the wayback. Please don't think that me posting this video from 1981 or the Janet Jackson video from 1990-ish is me wishing for another time. I am glad to be living in the modern age, where I know about plastic's toxicity. I know about plastic's toxicity and now, suddenly, I am wondering what I will plant these cucumbers in.

In other news, t-minus two months until the baby's street date.

The garden is 85% in but I think my Laxton's Progress peas are getting too much water AND too much sun, the bottoms of their vines are yellowing--suggestions? The planter where my neighbors tried to compost their Big Mac, with the beets in it, well, nothing came up. I blame Mayor McCheese. I replanted it with some Dragontongue bush beans that look very exciting. The garden and it's beautifully painted boxes were largely the work of Matt, my baby daddy and strapping field hand. I am too preggo to till and pour the many cubic feet of dirt, so I was in charge of lemonade and the radio during that phase of construction. I did operate a staple gun a few times, though.

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