May 24, 2010


I am headed home, from my last away game of the preggo season. Bellingham is like a seaside jungle in comparison to Chicago. It makes Chicago feel like a Rickety Inferno of Trash and Gunplay™. Here, there is an ice cream place with all weirdo handmade ice creams and they had Cardamom flavor--essentially, I would move here for that. I am not speaking simply as a parody of a woman 7 months pregnant, but as a grown woman who likes her ice cream weird. Is there no similar place in Chicago? I feel like I would know about it. I don't mean like, grassfed Lavender artistisan-crafted 9 dollar shit that they stock at the yuppie groceries. I know about that.

Also, at the feminist roundtable safe space discussion jam yesterday, friend Jenn Hartman said "our band sings about cunts and vaginas, you know typical lady band stuff" and another lady in another band said that her band mostly had songs about "boobs and pizza". They are a party band and resent having what they do be called feminist. Last night I kept trying to remember the party bands name, and thinking it was Krokus* and laughing at my own mistake. It is Rombus.
Perhaps a shirt to be made: "Feminist Pizza and Boobs"
or perhaps someone more enterprising could open such a place, as kind of like a lesbian Hooters.

Perhaps another shirt to be made: "I wanna fuck the Smoke Monster"
I have never seen a Lost. Last night and today, everything that is being discussed on the internet-hole makes zero sense to me. It's like suddenly being an Amish or a Grandma.

Also, also, last and totally not least--MATT GRADUATED FROM LAW SCHOOL pt. 1, he is a Juris Doctor! Me and Lil' Squirmy cried at the ceremony, cried with pride. Well, I cried and Squirmy dreamt he was running in the park, pounding his wee baby feet into my organs. One day I will show him pictures and tell him all about it.

(* PS NO ONE DOES POST MODERN APOCALYPSE FANTASY LIKE EIGHTIES METAL BAND VIDEOS. Someone in a lion costume interpretive dancing around a coffin? A guy that looks like Captain Lou raping, or perhaps eating a slave girl? The lady pimp in a leotard? The pensive guy in a loin cloth pulling a pair of Nike dunks from a glowing sarcophagus only to escape to another century to destroy a bunch of peoples diner meals?)

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