May 19, 2010


If you are going to the POPMIC conference at western washington university this weekend in Bellingham, I am keynoting and sitting in on a panel. If you are just around Bellingham and know of something good this weekend, let me know. I guess "good" or "fun" for most people might be diff than a waddling preggos version. Currently hobbies include: making different kinds of lemonade, taking my tomato plants outside for their "hardening off" process, sleeping for 10-12 hours at a go and doing pre-natal yoga along with my so gentle dvd of instruction on doing so.

I DJ'd Chances earlier this week and it was a good time for a final kind of outting to the partyzone. Making your way through a crowded dark dancefloor now requires a helper, as sometimes just standing there and saying "excuse me" and tapping someone gently like four times does nothing but make people angry because they want to be dancing and couldn't give less of a fuck, regardless whether you are a preggo whale or non. I am an unwieldy shape. I cannot barrel or dance my way past. Making your way through the dark crowded spaces of bars is kind of like trying to drive a riding mower through traffic, it is slow going and you have to make sure everyone sees you and drives around you.

I think I am mostly home for now. Like, until August. DJing was fun. I forget how much I miss it, how much I miss getting meticulous with my set. I played "Rat Alert" for my last song, right after the seven-minute version of "2000 Black" and it felt great; funky unity anthem into nu-Berlin aciiiiid thrump to a packed sweaty floor of queer kids grinding. I said to Morgan right then that there are few things I love as much as house music played really loudly. It's right up there with meeting new puppies and Sprecher's root beer. I'm straightedge, you know, my life drugs are pretty lightweight delights. It's easy to give into the worlds soft charms when you spent your day getting kicked in the ribs by two-inch feets of the little friend you made and have yet to meet.

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