May 13, 2010


This Jay Haze remix of Dominique Young Unique undoes her Ass song with big messy drums and turns her voice into a squirrel voice. After seeing her at SXSW, and see people really lose their shit over her mediocre-at-best performance with cries of "SHE KILLED IT", I am backing off of my previous glowing endorsements. She was genuinely pretty bad, but she is really beautiful and her rhymes are nasty and her clothes were literally falling off while she rapped, which for some people is surely a dream show!--Similar sitch re: Glasser, seeing her live curdled my excitement about her music; if you cannot bear to look at the audience over the course of a half-hour on stage--you probs should be doing what you do in front of an audience. Or at least get some very dark sunglasses and keep your eyes shut, so you can at least turn TOWARDS the people watching you. She's got a new songwhich is not bad at all, though I like her better when the songs are more amorphous. Even if you are bad at what you are doing, or scared to death you are bad, you have to seem like you care, throw yourself into it. Like these kids:

FULLY PUMPED AND IMMODERATELY SUCKY! Pre-teen horns going for it!

What I do like is this: BEACHES, the Australian band that Becky Smith turned me on to today. They are from Australia, but their dreamy scuzz-psyche is vintage New Zealand. I can handle this in high doses. JJJJUUUHHHZZZZZ RRRRRUHRUHRUHRRRReeeeeeeeeeeRRR.

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