May 10, 2010


This tidbit below via Marathon Packs-

From the last paragraph of a Time Out NYC Sleigh Bells concert preview from last month:

Sleigh Bells will remain content to hold the adulation of prominent media figures and buzz-feeders such as New Yorker staffer Sasha Frere-Jones, a writer both Miller and Krauss admire. Miller even used some of the prominent names in their growing fan base to keep Krauss rooted when her commitment wavered. “When I was still in this stage when I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to stay in the classroom or apply for a different job, he would kind of throw out all these things, like, ‘Wait till M.I.A. hears it! She’s going to love it!,’” Krauss says. “‘If Sasha heard this, he would get it!’ I was just like, ‘Yeah, sure, Derek. You’re crazy. Nice try.’ But a lot of those people have said that exact thing: ‘We get it!’ What they get, I don’t quite understand, but we’re happy to have them along.

-this, to me, is the sort of hilarious/depressing reality of being a NY band--total awareness distorting what it's like to actually be a band. You go right to media commodity and think nothing of it, it's merely part of your process. Sleigh Bells greatest achievement is knowing their targets so well! Craft takes a backseat to good aim! Goaded and gilded to be the smoooothest of blog fodder in 2010! We really get the bands we deserve, no?

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