April 26, 2010


The politics of MIA are, as Nick Sylvester tweeted this morning, sloppy at best--well, going by recent interviews, but this video? Aside from kids getting blown up, it's nothing we haven't seen on 24--all that is missing is Kiefer Sutherland screaming "TELL ME WHERE THE ______ IS?!" and then shooting someone in the hand to force a confession. Here, we have innocent, naked fat people and clothed brown fat people getting beat by some black-ops military police in order for some pubescent gingers to be round up and shot in Indio? Whats the takeaway? Bad things happen to innocent people? An allegory about persecution worldwide? America is bad? We only care when bad things happen to white people? IT IS TOTALLY FUCKING UNCLEAR. And not in a good way. Everyone takes M.I.A.'s politicitzation at face value so willingly, I doubt we will get an answer. Instead we will get people baiting her into more Gaga-playerhate. Clean up you allegory, girl.

Posted by jessica hopper at April 26, 2010 10:46 AM | TrackBack