April 20, 2010


Michael and JR and I did it. OUR FIRST HIT IT OR QUIT IT PODCAST HAS BEEN MADE. Chris Richards--old time HIOQI contributor, is on, musicologist Marianna Ritchey discovers Public Enemy and Buck65 reveals: JAN MICHAEL VINCENT IS MISSING. Thats our big scoop and I think it's pretty bizonkers. I am proud of everyone.

Meanwhile, Guru is gone and I am at least as sad as I was when Andrea Dworkin died. Gang Starr meant a lot to me. When Moment of Truth came out, I was barely listening to hip hop that wasn't at least a half-decade old, pre-emo and artcore had been clogging my life--and it was a fucking revelation to be lifted from that. I listened to that record for 2 or 3 weeks straight once I got my hands on it. R.I.P. Guru.

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