April 14, 2010


Today we made the first Hit it or Quit it podcast. It is mostly just talking, talking about music, talking to people who have made it and heard it and loved and hated it. We got the craziest scoop ever, mid interview with someone. You will find out on Friday when you listen. It was fun but also hard. We were nearly done, in the big studio, where they tape the official type WBEZ shows and this big crowd of kids came by and we thought they were a field trip, but actually they were wanting to get into the studio--we were over into their time slot. We then moved into one of the very teeny tiny rooms upstairs that are meant for max. two people and banged out the rest in a closet sized room. Almost on each others laps. And we did intros and outros and JR told this story about talking to stoned people outside the Dead Meadow show last night that I hope makes it in, though I butted in midstory to explain that what he was describing are moccasains, not "robin hood boots", though his name is better.


If you want to find out more about it or make us a theme song, follow us on le tweet: @HitItPodcast

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