April 13, 2010


Have you ever noticed there are weird sections of Smiths songs where they sound like Dire Straits? Is that because everyone had the same shitty pedals in the eighties? Also, another revelation: I checked out Depeche Mode Violator from the library today and ALL THE SONGS ARE ABOUT HEROIN. An easy retrospective call, given Dave Gahan's v. public drug shame tour of the glossy mag media a few years back. No wonder each song tops out at 90 bpm. Back when we DJ'd heavy and often, Josh and I joked that there were two ways to kill a dancefloor: Depeche Mode and Bounty Killer's "Mystery". DM, even if it's a remix pitched +8 is way slower than you remember it being. It's like 103 bpm. In two measures, the only people left moving are secret goth girls. Then you'd have to resort to cheap tricks--Michael Jackson, Deee-Lite, "It Takes Two"--to repopulate.

My fondest memory of DJing was with Josh, doing Steely Dan's "Peg", "Don't Stop" and Nitzer Ebb "Join The Chant" back to back, about midnight, some midsummer night at the loft that was the floor above Buddy c. 00 or maybe 03, it was like we had cracked a code. Packed, so sweaty, people screaming, nothing stopping anyone. I went skateboarding after that, at like 3 or 4 a.m., either by myself or with Burian riding his bike. Do you ever miss feeling the stupid indestructible of 25? The twilight time, before you were alerted to being mortal?

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