April 04, 2010


Norris Church Mailer in NYT:"She wiped her eyes and reached for more cookies. “Let’s face it, I was attractive,” she said. “That’s a large part of where I got to. ‘Would you be with him if he wasn’t Norman Mailer?’ No. Would he be with me if I weighed 300 pounds? No. I used to have this conscious thought when I was younger and going to all these dinners and parties that one day I’ll just be able to stay at home and write and read and do what I want to do. It was a real conscious thought that when my looks leave, I can do other things. Isn’t that funny?”"

A full marching band Easter processional went past the house at 6 am today, and Matt and I were so asleep, neither of us managed to get us and see it, only discuss. "Is there a marching band outside our house? It's like 4 am." I said. He looked at the clock and said "No, it's 6:30." Then we both returned to sleep, only to wake up regretting it. We also saw Good Friday services at one of the several Russian Orthodox churches in our 'hood. The orthodoxy really knows how to do it up. Big plumes of incense and candle smoke hanging over the priests head, kid choir, the clergymen in conical hats and heavy robes. I can only imagine what their Easter Parade was like. Camels? A re-enactment of the stations while they walked around the block? I don't know because I slept through it.

We saw Joanna Newsom last night and she was great, full of spirit. Went to the other show, missing Talk Normal and getting there for Tune-Yards, and for the first time I thought, rather than post-MIA pastiche pop, JOAN ARMATRADING:

But, if Joan A. had gotten taken with sampling and made a funky, hip hop inspired record in 1989 or 90.

Xiu Xiu we did not stay for much of. I really think Jamie is one of the best artists going though do not have much stamina for his work all at once. I think music and albums and being in bands is really for the type of stuff he is doing, i.e. making harrowing music that clears half a sold out crowd. Music that is personal and visceral and scary even to someone who likes what you do.

In other news, my wee seedlings have been planted! 38 plants started and thats like... half? FARMER TIME!

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