March 31, 2010


Here is the email I sent to the CEO of Nettwerk, who is spearheading the Lilith Fair Choose Your Charity campaign this morning. Becky Smith has started a Facebook group that has everything from the twitter addys for folks playing Lilith and other email addresses to send your own concerned letters to Lilith Fair and it's organizers.


I'm not writing to you in my capacity as a journalist, but as a woman concerned about the quality of womens lives--

I know that we discussed that you had no particular criteria for selecting the organizations to--and while I am sure you are aware of the mounting comments on message boards and facebook groups-- I hope you understand that the issue at hand is it's not simply that some of the "health centers" that Lilith is offering up are "anti-choice". It's that these five+ Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the running are KNOWN as being places where pregnant women given horrible misinformation--

i.e. if they have an abortion it means if they ever have a child it is more likely to die, or that the morning after pill will make them infertile, or that a during an abortion a doctor can suck you entire uterus out by accident, that condoms cannot prevent STDs.... And it's supporting those places and putting them along side credible and woman-valuing work as rape crisis hotlines and battered womens shelters that is the real issue.

The people working in these communities--the informed people you told me Lilith is banking on to decide which are the "right" places to receive money--have to now rally and make sure that the money goes to the truly "right" place rather than organizations that lie to women about their bodies and options, simply because they arbitrarily came up in your Google search. Yesterday, I spoke to a woman that runs an abuse hotline that made the Lilith ballot and everyone in her office is now more concerned about making sure that the CPC in their city NOT get this money, more so than what they can do to get money for their hotline. Another group in Portland was saddened that CPCs were going to be legitimized and bolstered by their nomination. I don't imagine this was your intention, but it is the outcome you have created, nevertheless.

I hope that is something that legitimately concerns all involved with your charity campaign, Lilith and Nettwerk.


Jessica Hopper

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