March 29, 2010


NYT article on Femivores, or farming as feminism for the stay at home mom that has a lot of good lines and salient points. The only thing I think she gets wrong is referring to someone who keeps chickens, rabbits and their own beehive as merely "dabbling". Growing 4 tomato plants is dabbling. Raising rabbits you will eat and harvesting your own honey is just shy of being an actual farmer. With a corncob pipe and a tractor. She also highlights the questions we should all be asking ourselves, whether or not we are feminists raising chickens and babies:
"What constitutes “enough”? What is my obligation to others? Is my home the engine of materialism or a refuge from it?"

I am starting my seeds this week, my hope is the new home is "refuge", leafy green and blooming refuge come late spring.

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