March 27, 2010


Here's the best of the rest of what I saw: Shabazz Palaces, Olof Arnalds and True Widow.

Totally slept on his LP last June, but he's got a new EP out this week Toki Wright. You can download slowly and freely here.He's rappier than you expect from Rhymesayers, sometimes he sounds a lil bit like Lyrics Born. He's good, you might like him. Mid-verse Minnesota jokes and discernible politics always win with me.

This is the last weekend for the White/Light drone installation at the MCA. Today at three is Felicia Atkinson, a noise-video artist from France that goes by "FiFi" and brought me and Matt some delicious fruit spread from Belgium. Tomorrow is White/Light alone in their room, and POOF IT'S DONE! Miles wrote a nice long thing in the paper this week. Matt looks like a funny lumberjack--that is what our little son will look like in 34 years! I need to start thrifting teeny tiny Pendeltons so I can dress them father-son matchy-matchy. I think our little son is already strong like his pop, because sometimes when he kicks, I can see it on the outside of my body. For only being five and half inches tall he seems really athletic. But what do I know--I have never been someone's house before.

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