March 25, 2010


This week's Gossip Wolf is heavy on Smell scene news--DSS, No Age, Vice Coolers leg gets humped on stage... the usj.

And here is my round up on what I saw at SXSW (link fixed), and there are some other sundry blogs up and forthcoming later today for the Reader covering things I couldn't include. With few short exceptions, I saw nothing but good to great bands--Thee Satisfaction, Explode into Colors, Olof Arnaulds from Iceland, Dam-Funk, Shabazz Castles, Prince Rama... I will put a link up. Low points: Salem, accidentally seeing Uffie, walking past a Warpaint set 3 times. I realized today, Salem are the dull version of A.R.E. Weapons later career--the seedy Max Fish agrro-glamour replaced with poke n' stick methtoos and a very midwestern sense of what is transgressive.

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