March 18, 2010


Last night was epic! I was alone, in the residential area wilderness. I went to see someone play on the wrong night and wound up in a parking lot watching an 19 minute set amazing band behind an art space that was half way out to the airport. The way back was something I neglected to figure out. It was kind of Natty Gann (sans wolf companion) meets The Warriors. I walked a long way and caught a bus that would take me nearish to my temporary home (11th floor of the Sheraton, wassup!). I got off two blocks before my stop because I saw a bunch of cool kids hanging out and thought I might like to know whats poppin' in this parking lot and BEHOLD it was the HoZac showcase I meant to go to. A fortuitous turn. Maje adventure at every turn of the turn!

Then this morning, I woke up before the sun was up, spackled my face and walked to the Fox 7 studios for "Good Day, Austin" and I was on after the call in segment with a vet who answered a question about whether a dog eating too much grass is whats causing it's bout of BLOODY DIARRHEA. If my dog was shitting blood, I would take it to a doctor, not call the TV vet at 7:15 am. The weather man co-anchored that segment with a pug dog sitting on his lap. I tried to talk them into letting me hold the pug for the next segment but they said no.

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