March 11, 2010


This weeks Gossip Wolf: Lots of old bands that will not die, and "more"!


Yesterday, walking down the street, JR was looking at where all the snow had melted and revealed the turds that had been preserved like artifacts underneath.He did not take notice of all the toddler and little kids coming past us with their parents and loudly proclaimed "JEEZUS! WHOSE BEEN LETTING THEIR PONY OUT TO SHIT HERE?!" and I laughed so hard and the little kiddos just stared. THIS MEANS IT'S SPRING.

We did our first radio show together yesterday. I will post it here once it's podcastibly listenable or downloadable. We really wanted to just do some renegade pledge drive pitching, offering rewards only we could bestow--perhaps some erotic fiction about Linda Worthheimer that JR could pen?--but the Vocalo people said that WBEZ just gives them their money, the do not have to shill. We also tried to do the weather a couple times but they kept surprising us and asking for the weather when we weren't expecting, so the reports were casual and unscientific. I think going forward, we will go in prepared. We will know dewpoints.

Next week is SXSW. I am doing book events. Do you know cool 11 yr old chix in Austin who are burgeoning rockers? WILL YOU TELL THEM TO COME? Please?
3/20 at Domy's Books at 3 pm!
all ages and free.

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