March 09, 2010


Photo 250.jpg
Look everyone--it's my son.
Here he is, in repose.
It took them a long time to get the shot, he was wiggling like a fish and twisting his head. I told the lady I had recently drank a root beer and she said that would explain it. After seeing him flop around in his sac like that I thought I am never drinking a whole root beer at once ever again until he is out, because it makes him freak out and ram his one-inch soft skull in to the walls of his house and throw punches above his head, like a tormented suburban punker in some bad 1983 film where Lee Ving has a cameo as a sadistic gang leader.

When we went in, on the forms to fill out for the ultrasound, it said "Are you here because of a non-work related accident?" And I told the nurse, well, in a matter of speaking, yes--but she didn't get it.

My favorite thing about the picture he looks just like his dad. Matt doesn't believe me, but also he doesn't get to see himself asleep so how would he know. Our son will be a Leo--just like his dad, too. But, mostly I just think how much I will love to look at our baby and see in his face the face of his father.

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