March 04, 2010


Here's this week's Gossipwolf. JR and I are doing a radio version on vocalo ( next weds, as a one off thing, which I think is going to be heavily strange. We are going to be dialing for gossip reports--perhaps we will call you?!

I woke up in at four am last night and my brain was on fire with writing. It is hard to know if it was salient at all. I kept thinking, as I always do, if I get up and write this all out, then tomorrow I will automatically wake up at this same time and perhaps there will be nothing to write down. And then I lay there for a while debating "what if this is the best idea I have ever had and I lose it to the annals of slumber?" And then I had a nightmare about Lucky Dragons coming with me to Old Navy to buy maternity pants and Sara peeing on the floor of the childrens section. I yelled at her that the whole world isn't just some big art installation of her design. I assumed it was a statement of her feelings about Old Navy, but then Luke told me she really just had some weird medical problem, and I felt horrible. Whatever genius book I had floating in my middle of the night mind was lost to Lucky Dragons public pee terror.

I am unpacking very slowly here at the homestead, listening to Nina and Willie and the news. We have moved from a house where every room is sunny to a dark house with 2 sunny rooms. All the plants are crowded together now, duking it out.

I want it to be summer and I want to be canning the already producing garden, making some onion jam. I want it be summer so I can meet this baby that is living in my body, who is 5 inches tall says the book. When I drink root beer, she kicks like crazy--strong for someone who is the size of my hand. I think it is a she. We will know on Monday, though sometimes the womb-pix are wrong. I am also excited to go to SXSW in Austin week after next because I think it will be warm enough for short sleeves outside. Doesn't that sound nice? I will look like a toddler/farmer in my overalls and short sleeves, but I do not care. I just want to see Juliana Barwick play, do my book events and see all my friends who moved away from Chicago so long ago!

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