February 28, 2010


I emailed a lady on Craigslist about whether she would separate a set of twin beds. In reply she sent me a crazily detailed email about mattresses that I didn't ask about she would not be throwing in for free, which I didn't reply to, followed 8 hours later by this email:

Hey Jessica
my guy (husband) said
that if you wanted to pick up a cse of miller hilife cans they r on sale at CVS for 12.99
and he would deliver curbside for u
but you would still have to come and check the bed frame out prior to
delivery and pay the monies and beer and then he could just
follow u or if your taking public trans u could just travel back to your
place with him if u take it
either way
he does no deliveries prior to u seeing it -
but is more than willing to deliver it for the chump change of beer
take care
let us know if your interested (or not) smiles

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