February 25, 2010


Everyone pick up the Reader this week! It is exciting! 4 new pages of music content--c'est bonkers, yes? The links on these have gone up and then down 4 times this morning, so if they don;t work now, try again later: There is also my review of Holly Miranda's record in there after the Newsom, and after the debut of GOSSIPWOLF, which is our new music news and gossip column from me and JR. My Billy Corgan shit memoir joke got cut, but other than that I am pleased about my collaboration with my dear pal JR. Also, this means the Reader music section is like 1/3 former Hit it or Quit it people, which I think bodes well. Also, my pal David Wilcox, who you might know from his occasional stories on This American Life did a great, personal cover story about "retard" and the portrayals of the retarded in the media and recent outrage about it. It's a must read.

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