February 23, 2010


I reviewed the new Jo Jo Newsom album. I bought it this morning with one of the itunes gift cards the public libraries give you in lieu of honorariums for events now. The Oak Park library paid for my legal download of that and a couple Ohio Players songs I needed. It felt super... legal.

If I was Joanna Newsom, I would go by Jo Jo and I would call my next record Jo Jo Newsom Your Life is Harping, a reference likely to be lost on the majority of her eighties baby audience. Maybe not. I was a centennial baby and I saw that movie like 11 times on Showtime in the year that my parents had the fancy cable channels. Until they caught me watching St. Elmo's Fire--an R rated movie--without permission, and got rid of it. I didn't even get to the infamous 22 minute point, where Rob Lowe lets loose on the sax in the Irish bar, the seemingly universal "there's no fucking way I am finishing this" point.

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