February 16, 2010


I wrote about the horrible new season of Big Love for This Recording--it's it's mostly spoilers, but you know, let me save you the hassle of actually having to sit through it.. I watched all five episodes in a row on some low res Korean bootleg site when I was confined to bed in a fit of preggo nausea the other week.

Also, speaking of TV: How gripping was the 5-hour Reagan presidency American Experience? We finally just got the receiving box for the television and NOW THERE ARE HALF A DOZEN PBS CHANNELS. I am losing my mind! This is just the thing for my always-tired condition, cooking a baby is hard work and some evening I really do not like to move and then, like a treat--my number-one art historian celebrity crush Simon Schama is dramatically intoning about Rothko's Seagram murals while chopping carrots! There is nothing better. Between than and the 'lympics? I LOVE TV RIGHT NOW.

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