February 03, 2010


The new Bagel place on Damen has Stumptown Coffee. You know how some preggos talk about oh, once this baby is out, I am so having a giant wine, or whatever? I hope this place stays open past the end of July, because once this baby is out, I am so going go the bagel store to have a medium or small Stumptown coffee, get shitfaced on caffeine.

In the 70's midwifery book I read where most all of the births in this big hippie nature commune were happening in the back of residential schoolbusses or in a tent, with 4 of your neighborly lady friends tending your birth, if the women started to have some labor and the midwives were elsewhere or if it was too soon to get started, the women would just have a couple wine coolers and pass out. For some reason I think that is the funniest thing ever. Newborns and parents tipsy on wine cooler, having a birth with their neighbors on the wooden platform in the woods where their parents live. In the dads testimonial about it, they talk a lot about working on getting their lady high with their vibes during birth, per the midwives. Sometimes they would be cast out of the tent or bus to go fix their vibe, so as not to inhibit the birth. The book is really great, all the kids get biblical names in the end.

Another great story in the book is a woman who previously had lived on another commune that was not as rad and was a single mom and she built a birthing tee pee all by her preggo self and all these stoned hippies came to her birth, like 20 people crowding in the tent to watch, and she looked up and there was a guy she didn't know playing the flute and she was really not into it was but was too busy laboring to cast the wannbe Ian Anderson out of her birth tee pee. This was given as an example of the importance of not having strangers or strange vibes at your birth.

Yesterday we got to hear it's (the fetal baby's) heart beat at the doctor on the baby doppler, it sounded like a little dog in snowpants running very fast. 160 bpm. That's almost techno. My heart sounded like a big dog, far away, barking. Me and our baby, our hearts are dogs together.

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