February 01, 2010


A Sasha Frere Jones classic from the Chicago Reader archives from 1997, on class, privilege, Hamptons references and Pavement's Brighten The Corners.:

"Malkmus claims the words on Brighten the Corners were inspired by John Ashbery's Hotel Lautreamont; thus we're to infer that they aren't about him. But had he in fact stolen every line of the record from Ashbery, it would still tell us something about Malkmus--he didn't borrow from Anne Rice or quote Pulp Fiction, for instance. I don't need to believe that Malkmus his actual self is the protagonist of any of these songs to hear that the words rolling off his tongue are comfortable in his mouth. But my aim isn't to praise or call Malkmus to task for using certain words. In the context of Pavement (as opposed to the world we all live in), the words work as well as any previous lyrics, albeit leaning toward a new grace and swing and away from the old freaky and foxy. The thread I'm pulling on is class: how did it get in here? "

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